Five year anniversary...

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Just noticed that it says I've been a member of Oasis for 5 years and 12 hours, which means we've officially been running the site on Drupal now for 5 years!

While the site started in 1995, it was initially static HTML, and then for a brief period, I tried running a database (bad idea, that content no longer exists)-driven site, but eventually Adrian got this version up and running.

So, nice milestone, half a decade.

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yay!!!!!!!!!! hapy b'day oasis, thank you jeff and adrian!!! i'd have sex with this site if it wasn't illegal!

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it's illegal to have sex with a website? woops. happy birthday oasis!

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well last time i got arrested, i had sex with a friend's facebook account

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congrats Oasis!!

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Happy Birthday!

Yay! Five years of more GLBT freedom and improved quality of life and happier youth because of this site! Yay!

You're Amazing.

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Jeeeeeeff, have you seen

Jeeeeeeff, have you seen this?*/

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I used that to grab all the interviews I did that got lost in the database crash.

Beyond that, I have all that stuff on my hard drive. :-)


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yay happy birthday!

yay happy birthday!

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Party hats

Woo! Congratulations on the five years of Drupal! Not sure what that means, but it sounds like Rupaul.