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Sometimes I think I don't really want a gf cuz I'm afraid she'll leave due to me not being into nightlife/social scenes,or b/c I'm not into talking/dwelling on every little feeling. I guess I feel like her just being w/me won't be enough. Just let me be me and don't ? why I'm feeling a way or what I'm thinking. I HATE people who do that! Ooh,you say you feel this/think that,but I know what you're REALLY feeling shit. Although,I do know that I don't see every gf as being "The 1" unless I love her/she loves me and have been together for a long time( a year or more) and only then will I think about the future(which does NOT mean marriage),just long term thinking for the relationship. I do want a passionate relationship when it comes to dating,you know? The-can't-wait-to-get-naked-and feel-our-skin-bodies-together-type of passion/lust/desire. When I feel that for some1(and hopefully,her me) will she be 1 I 'consider" for long term also. At least that's my ideal kind of relationship,w/some1 I still desire after some time. I know I'm not going to feel the above for every gf,you know? I do know that I want a RL gf,not online. If we were to have a fight,I wanna be able to say I didn't like seeing her walk away,not I had to watch her...log off. I'm never going to ask for space when it comes to online,you know? There's certain things I'll say/do online that I wouldn't do in RL and it doesn't really matter. Like if I have probs. w/some1,I'll still talk to them online b/c they can't get to me as if they were face to face w/me,you know? I just want a gf I can touch,kiss,hang out,see her smile,be w/her and learn her habits and she mine.


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You should break up with your imaginary girlfriend, who you seem to have little in common with, and find a real one that you connect with better.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Yeah,I'll do that. Except i

Yeah,I'll do that. Except i don't even have an imaginary gf at the moment.

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jeff that was mean! *hiss* *spank*

aaah, ok my turn. girl you have put the pussy up on a pedestal! lol sorry that had nothing to do with what i wanted to say i have terrets (did i spell that right? whatever who cares).
i think u'll find when u have a gf u'll naturally want to tell her these things and will naturally want to know these things about her. i'm afraid talking is sort of not something you can get away from if you want a relationship and in any case babe it sounds to me like you're only running away from your own feelings, talking about it especially to someone like a gf would actually quite likely solve at least some of the problems, it certainly couldn't hurt now could it. and don't think too far ahead or too deeply into the future u'll drive u'rself nutz!
love ya!!!

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I can talk about my

I can talk about my feelings,just not include every meaning behind every feeling is what I don't like. Yeah,I won't. Thanks. Love ya? Do I know you?