Hell on a spork

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Looking forward to school?
Of COURSE?!?!? What are you talking about?
I mean, what's not to love about school?
There's so much to do during the school day! I walk from class to class. I sit in class and wait for everyone else to quiet down. I wait patiently while the teacher takes attendance. Then I wait for her to explain what we'll be doing. Then the teacher talks more and I take notes. Then I get a sheet of paper and doodle on it while the teacher explains what to do. Then I begin the worksheet, which usually involves filling in the blanks or reading a few paragraphs. Then the teacher goes over "the answers." Then I go to the next class. Five classes are like this. The only two that aren't are choir and P.E. Choir is fun enough. Usually, we warm up, move the risers, and maybe get to sing a couple of bars of a song or two. And P.E. is hell. On a stick. Scratch that. P.E. is hell on a spork. During our brunch and lunch periods, I weave my way through the sea of sweaty teenage boys and made-up, slutty teenage girls. I struggle to locate my "group" through the babble and hustle and bustle of everyone trying to find their "group" and stand around in a circle (the bigger the diameter, the better). They talk about things relevant only to themselves. That's all we think about. How this person likes that person and how this person wore -gasp- the same SHOES as someone else on the same day. And I find my people and I listen to them talk about he hot boys in those weird Japanese movies I hate. And I laugh with other people about how weird they are. And everyone complains about the homework and the stupid teachers (thee are none, but everyone seems to think that their teachers suck. Now I hate that. Teachers are the people I most respect in this world). And when the school day finally ends, I get to go home. And do my homework. And grab a bite to eat. And do more homework. And not have time to learn about anything I'm not told to learn about. Or read anything I'm not told to read. Or think anything I'm not told to think. Just kidding. But still. School is an adventure. A monotonous, time consuming adventure, but an adventure all the same. They say that it prepares you for later life. But I think that we are living now. Shouldn't we be able to experience life as we can? Schooll takes up so much of our time and energy. It infiltrates our home life and crowds our minds with uneccessary stresses and grienvances. Now, I'm not calling for the eradication of school or anything, just some reforms. My English teacher assigned us articles to read about how some schools have made school a better place to really learn, and I really see that as a great alternative. I don't remember what it was called, but I do remember it illustrated an example of The Perfect School. It sounded like heaven......

So, this, of course, is my response to the fact that I have to go back to school on Wednesday and I'm realizing that I have to get my butt into gear again. Fun, Fun.