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I think I will post in here. I'll just copy my posts from LJ and get 2 perspectives on said entry for the day. Lately when I post stuff about school,it rarely gets comments and same goes for my shows. I have readers but would like comments so I know they're still interested,you know? I'm really into football and liked most of the Playoff games last week(except for the Steelers lost) and I hope the Chargers win this week against Indy:).

I start school next week Mon. and M/W,I have 3-D design from 9-12 and then an hour break and then kickboxing:). T/T, I have History of Native Americans w/ my Ethnic Studies teacher(from last sem.,I got A's and B's on Exams/Essays and got a B overall) from 9-10:20 and then Math 20 from 12-1:50,which I am retaking cuz I suck at algebra! I am going to be hanging out A LOT at the Tutoring Center instead of the ML(but will meet my req. for class) and hopefully,I'll do as well as when I had to retake Math 15 cuz the 1st time,the teacher went by way too fast and wouldn't help us(literally! You ask a ? and she'd say to go the ML and work on it cuz she had to cover 2 sections/day and couldn't be backed up by us ansking ?'s and having trouble). The 2nd time, I got a D- on the 1st test,but then the other 3 I got C's and an A on the Final(and a C overall). Mainly cuz the teacher went by slowly and taught it so I could 'get it' and we also got 'cheat sheets' w/ formulas/theroems and could use our calculators after the 1st Exam.

Any way to change the time stamp on here? I'm not into military time. I'm posting this at 2:34 Pm ,but it says like AM and shit.