i dont deserve you...

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...but i cant live without you in my life.

so. i realized for the first time today no matter how many times before when i used to say it that...things do happen for a reason. its weird how one little thing like checking a downelink account could change your life. amazing. ok for the whole story...went around the island. my friend ended up talking to her bf who planned out their "wedding" which i ended up joking about and made a lil plan that i was gonna get married too lol. my plan? haha involved me going up to random cute girls and asking them to marry me, no harm ah? Lol.

i ended up not finding my potential wifey at the beaches or resort cause they werent my type. but i did end up gettin a sunburn that makes it look like i'm blushing [show you guys later] also ended up having another breakdown bout my ex & fastforward to my cousins house where i checked my downelink and loo and behold she has a downelink page last checked 1/3/08. shocked me. but i'm unusually calm...why?