i don't understand her

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so, she spent 50 minutes stareing at my clevage Wednesday. AP world is the only class we have together.

then tonight, we were watching when harry met sally and i started crying. because harry says he loves that sally is the last thing he thinks about each night.

and she's the last thing i think about each night. and she doesn't get it. even when it's right in front of her.

she sent me a facebook message that says

"your eyes are like a victoria's secret model's" which, i suppose is in response to the message i sent her that told abotu that guy who said i sound like a phone sex operator.
i replied: "you're almost as bad as he is. or maybe you're worse. because at least i know what he wants."

so. we'll see how that goes.

this constant back-and-forth is not something i can stand.

is it so awful that i just want her to make a damn decision?


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no tis not aweful it's u'r fucking right! *hiss*
u need to have a d&m with her in which all cards are layed on the table, make her say what she feels (would help if you could wear something really sexy). don't let her jerk you around like a penis, trust me been in this situation long time and it's going to be you that gets hurt of it aight biatch?

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gosh!i know how annoying and

gosh!i know how annoying and frustrating this situation can get if dragged too long!please talk to her,tell her how u feel,ask her how she feels,if nothing comes outta it,u need to move on babe...cuz mental health is as important as physical health.plz tc! =)