...I hate cell phones...

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No, wait. I don't. I LOATHE them with the passion of a thousand dying SUNS!!!!!!!! Whoever came up with this lame arse idea, their head's gonna roll!!!

Okay, now to explain my apparent psychosis. -deep breath- His phone was off. Yes, I know, I sound like a disappointed girlfriend, but I am going crazy without someone to talk to on the same level of insanity as me!!! (Wait, that was contradictory...go crazy...but I'm insane?...) I have one of those suck-arse phones that are prepaid and only get "free minutes" after nine at night. Because of the long distance call to a cell that is on a different plan than mine, I must wait until the allotted time to see if MAYBE he can talk. I've come to hope that he can, but expect that he can't. That's not something I can throw a fit about though (Don't want to anyway, stupid reason) because I understand the main reason he usually can't, that being that he is in High School and therefore has all the boatloads of mind-numbing stoopid homework the teachers dump on you as a student.

But the damn cell phones!!!

Honestly, it would probably be better if I just switched to a phone on the same plan.

And took a chill pill.

Geeze, Arthur, obsess much?