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I've been thinking lately how much I love my friends/family/people I'm surrounded by.I don't want to be all sickly sweet and like everyone is perfect I love the world or anything.I've just really been thinking about how much I should appreciate everyone in my life more than I do.A young guy I knew fairly well died really suddenly a few weeks ago.It just made me realise how fickle everything is,and no matter how much I bitch and moan about things,there is so much in my life that I wouldn't change for the world.God I know that was cheesy,but I've just been thinking it and felt I had to write it.Aside from that college is really difficult and my head hurts.I gotta go swat up.Laterz peoples.


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You gotta remember that kind

You gotta remember that kind of stuff. Like, sometimes I look back at the first entry I ever ever made here, and I was talking about how lucky I am. It's still true. You gotta keep things in perspective. ^^

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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ah you're a cute little grateful ferret yes you are! girl died in my grade 12 calss too, that majorly sucked.
keep up the gratefulness and lets get naked with whateversexual llama's cucumber! woo woo!