"i want you to know that..."

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"...your the only one for me"

so i just got home from work & in the car with my dad...i had a emotional breakdown, like i started crying out of nowhere. i'm begining to think that i'm going to start going crazy because i am an emotional wreck that needs to get on with her life but cant cause she's held back by old promises and cant let go of the person who made those promises because deep inside she thinks that they'll come true although in reality everyone keeps on telling her that it wont.

i'm fed up with everything and just wish that things can start anew without anything to worry bout...sigh...maybe i should just sleep right now...idk. whatever. dont even kno whats going on...bleh.


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oh honey...

i'm in the same boat and i understand.
the emotional breakdowns, the crazy moments, needing to get on with life & let go of someone, wishing that things can start anew...
sometimes the pain is just too much. but it passes... it always passes.
if i was there, i wouldn't ask you to tell me all the painful details and i wouldn't try to give you advice. i would just hold you and wipe away your tears. and make you know that you're gonna be fine, sweetie.

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Aw hun thanks that was sweet

Aw hun thanks that was sweet -tear- lol. I actually have someone that i relate to. I hope everything gets better with you. "i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"