"if all things in time..."

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"...time will reveal"

well i just got home bout an hr ago from work and i'm beat...my boss wanted to literally keep me a lil longer than the hr after i was supposed to leave but i had to get out of there, people kept on coming in nonstop and it was crazy which isnt unusual but i wasnt in the mood to work cause of my lack of sleep lately.

it was fun though (before my boss came in) besides the fact that everyone decided that it was pick on ariel day today lol. cause yesterday i showed them the bites on my legs from the fleas that we have from them damn strays hanging around my house and jamie was teasing me that it was crabs cause i was "playing" with boys. EW! i also got a bruise yesterday lol cause i was making all gungho and was kicking our dryer at work closed...i did it before and derek thought it was amazing cause i'm short and the dryer is taller than me and its above the washer lol, but this time i missed and ended up hitting our laundry thing :( But...anyways how was everyone elses day?