I'm baaack. To school.

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School again. The monotonous act that seems to lengthen as the day goes on. Talking to certain people (just a type of person, not a specific person) makes me sick. I'd much rather be at home writing/playing/recording music. Reading or writing. Dancing in the rain.....
But I'm stuck in classrooms from 8-3:30....... Listening to the same voices say the same things. But I actually really did enjoy seeing my friend Jess today. She had spent her break in England and was very happy to be home. She was very bouncy and happy and just fun to be around.
This morning, I had to get to school really early because my dad had to drop off my sister and bla bla bla. So I walked around for a while, then I went into the library. I had not forgotten that Sabrina (longtime crush/obsession) didn't have 0 period PE anymore, but I had forgotten that she liked helping out in the library. I didn't notice her when I came in, but when I was looking through the extensive Vonnegut section, I saw her behind the desk chatting with people I subsequently sank down in a corner and tried to concentrate on a random book I had taken off of the shelf. I left when I could and went to PE. I'm going to do a swing dance routine with this really sweet guy who's so amazingly good at it. Then History. My teacher showed everyone their semester grade. I was piiiiiiiiiiiiised. I have a B. Because of the final. The essay part. That sucked. But it's okay now. Then Math. I have an A in math, so it's all good. No, I really don't care about grades that much, I mean, I don't stress over them. But just the fact that my teachers asses me means I HAVE to care, right???

But school's over now. I have to memorize every song for the musical. Oh, shit. I officially hate this show.


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Welcome to the real world

Welcome to the real world babe, im living there to. You not caring about ur grades? HAHAHAHA! YA RIGHT in what universe???your always stressing over finals and how much homwork u have. try getting Cs and Ds, i cant imagine what ud act like then...hmm theres a thought, i dont think it would be pretty.
I used to be scared of
Letting someone in
But it gets so lonely
Being on my own
No one to talk to
And no one to hold me
I'm not always strong
Oh, I need you here
Are you listening?

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Last year I got two Fs, no

Last year I got two Fs, no Ds, some Cs, and some As
But at the beginning of the year, I didn't care At All. But then I started failing my Spanish tests. So I started caring.
I find you quite amusing, and I’m sure you love me too, But sadly I am Lesbian, Though I’ll pretend for you