is he str8 or bi

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i wrote this earlier but.. goin to try and shorten it and say it better.. my cousin was with this guy for bout 5 years.. they broke up a year ago she moved on and moved in with her man.. the guy jason is still staying at my familys place and hasnt dated since at ALL,... ;) well one night we all went to a party came back were all drunk with everyone crashed there.. and he asked me if i wanted to share a matresss with him.. so with no intentions i was like ok sure.. and yes he knows im Bi sexual.. so we pass out for a bit not wasted just drunk.. and wake up off and on.. then we touch eachother a little bit. he puts his arm on top of me then i put mine on his back and careess him then i end up like rubbing his butt so nicee ;).. that was bout it and a little holdin hands.. i could tell he didnt know exactly what to do.. but after all that.. ever since then things for me and him have been alot different.. like even though when i see him family is ALWAYS around which is fine.. we gets eacthother looks SOMETimes not a look.. or ill hand him something and we will like holds hands shortly.. just those small things ;)we text all the time too.. and once i told him i had a card for him and he was like ok.. he didnt get mad or anything.. im just afraid to give it to him.. but i know hes scared cause of what my family would think and everyone cause ive got a lot of fmaily .. im 19 mexican.. str8 acting and appearing very fun outgoin and wild.. he is 23 mexican .. str8 acting verrryy.. sexy. sweeet though.. please give me any advice.. we have a family gathering this weeekend and i need to know if ishould approach it or not .. i want to give him the card ..........?????1!!!! ;)


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omg you wrote a jounal article too! u'r my hero lets make out in the elevator

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Well welcome to Oasis!

It sounds sort of funny to me (in a HAHA way) that he's still staying at your family's place after being broken up with your cousin! Even if it is an apartment he's renting or something, their relationship must not have been at a boiling point when it ended or else he probably would've left for sure. So hmm.

I'd say he's bisexual, if he does not seem to know what to do, that doesn't label things one way or the other, but makes me think he's more bi than gay (and let's face it, if you're gay and think about what to do, you'll at least do SOMETHING when it comes down to it). You should give him the card in private and try to see his facial reaction!

What is on the card? Would you be in a bad situation if your family found out you were gay/bi? There isn't a terrible chance that he may freak out and out you, or else leave it lying around for a family member of yours to question. Still, I'm all for would-be love, so give him the card!

You're Amazing.

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hey whats up... you given me the best advic thank you.. Your so right.. and im allready out to my family.. he isnot andiknow is terrified if he ever had to.. but the card says alotlike i have deep feelings and i know there is something there.. cause when the touching happend betweeen us it was like a shock through my whole body.. he is so scared causse of the family and all.. but im want to give himthe card to clarify things.. at the end i said im pretty said im writing you this to either keep hoping or get over you... ;) im so scared though and usually i aint that way.. he makes me feel like nervous lol..

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Sounds like a keeper!

He sounds like a keeper if he makes you feel that way! It will probably feel excellent to get all of that off your chest, even if his reaction isn't positive (which I hope it IS!).

Something to keep in mind is that whatever happens, this will initially have to be kept in real secrecy, so consider where the two of you could meet and talk for over an hour without any family catching wind of it, and if he's up for a relationship, go for it, but consider that if you and he came out as a couple soon or within a few months, your family might still be very shocked, as opposed to being open in many months.

Good luck with the letter/note!

You're Amazing.