life~ 15 Jan 2008

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So it snowed today, but it didn't stick, therefore destroying all hopes of a snow day tomorrow. Damn you, natural atmospheric conditions!! *shakes fist*


I'm getting really tired of going to work and I want to quit so bad, because I never get to hang with my friends anymore, not to mention I can't sign up for any after school things because it cuts into my working hours. So I figure I might quit during the summer, or before then, so I'm somewhat financially sound and can still afford to go on the big school trip in 2009 to Europe! <3

I keeping hearing from various people that my friend JC is gay. Which, to tell you the truth, he is kinda femme and doesn't talk about women that much, and he does set off the gaydar a little, but I haven't seen/heard anything myself that would prove to me that he is. Like another one of my friends said that JC is gay, and the friend that said it is a person I know wouldn't lie. So who knows? I kinda feel like asking JC upfront, but JC doesn't know I'm into guys, so it would be weird and he'd probably be pissed at me for asking. Maybe I could like somehow ease it into conversation...

Me: So hey, did we have any Chinese homework?
JC: Yeah we have to memorize page 79--
JC: .........................Huh?

Ok, maybe that won't work.


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Stay on topic, at least. If you're talking Chinese, tell him you're hungry for Cream of Sum Yung Gai.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Jeff... <3 Yeah, times like

Jeff... <3

Yeah, times like that are great. Like my friend plans on coming out to her parents at dinner: "This meatloaf is really good. Could you please pass the I'm GAY!!!!"

"The what, honey?"
"THe cheeeese"

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