long talks

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The past couple of nights [minus last night] the 13 year old girl [who will now have an acronym: M. Hopefully it's not taken] and I have been chatting on AIM.

She messaged me on myspace saying "if you have AIM I'd like to talk to you there" and gave me her screen name. I went ahead and IMed her, and we talked for over an hour, past by bedtime. Very casual chat. The next night she tells me about some guy she fancied very much and how she found him again [on the space] and how she was thrilled about it.

We talked about more, of course, and then came the topic of her age and how she doesn't really look like she's 13. She said it's not uncommon for guys 17-23 to hit on her. To this I responded : "and then there's me, the 17 year old girl." M said that it wasn't like that and besides, I was out of her league.

"Woman, please." She wrote hahahah and I put that when I first say her I thought she was the cutest girl and how I was stoked to have seen her 3 times on coincidence. I apologized if it sounded creepy in anyway, considering the 4 year distance. She said that surely it made her happy for the rest of the week.

Then she confessed that when she saw me at the college her and her brother thought I was cute and so went back to the same exact spot the next week to see if I'd be there. And how her and brother fumbled over things to prompt me with: the time, a cigarette. Unfortunately, I didn't come around that week.

I was terribly flattered.

We also asked eachother what our true "sexuality" is. Me, gaaaayyyy. Her, bisexual. And how she's never been in a relationship ever, and how I'm currently in one. I feel bad it hadn't come up til then.

Also, the androgenous looking freshman female in the art 1 class I always hang out in messaged me on myspace. She's flat out gay. She asked me if the art class had done much that week.