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I'm done with my homework and it's only 5. I think this is a first. And I did the actually assignment for English, instead of just writing what's in my head at the moment. So now I'm free to read and play music and shtufffs.

Also, I got a letter the other day. It was from my mom's friend Cindy. She's a lesbian and has a wife, two kids and a family... Sorry. But she used to be around a lot. But the last time I was her was at my bat mitzvah, which was two years ago. She wrote me a nice letter and gave me a check for $75! That was pretty cool. She said to think of it as a birthday/Christmas/new year's/whatever other holiday there is gift.

Annnnd, on a completely irrelevant topic, I've been feeling depressed again sometimes. Just little bursts of it, now and then. And I find myself always wanting to talk about myself (more than usual). That's probably not good either.

And another thing (last one, I promise). I've been feeling a lot closer to my dad lately. That's pretty cool because a while ago I loathed him with a passion and hated being around him. But now I'm finding that the things we have in common (all 2,741 of them) aren't bad. They're just.....Unique.


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Why didnt u call me?Its not

Why didnt u call me?Its not like im doing anything...EVER. call me next time txt me whatev whenever u need to vent.
So go on
And sleep darlin
Why don’t you pretend we were just a dream
It’s cool baby
It doesn’t matter anyway
Well I’m so sorry
We got to the station a little too late
Such a shame
We just missed the tr