Notes you wrote

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First- yes, she's hot.
completely, totally smoking hot.
yes,yes,yes. basically the epidemy of everything I want in a girl (physically)
she has the most gorgeous eyes i've even seen....

Here's a note from her:

Dear clarice,

I've been thinking, and it's simply ludicris, to have these interlocking bodies, and not to interlock.

I love you.

You would look beautiful in any position.


<3 straight friend


so. this makes it seem like she you know, wants it. but i don't know. sometimes straight girls write notes to each other as jokes....

i think maybe she's confused. that she's attracted to me, and is scared. she doesn't know what to do about it. so she tries to let it show in little ways, but never in big ways.

you dig?


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I think you should talk to

I think you should talk to her, seriously. A good clue that she's not totally, utterly serious here is that the note is a quote from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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I wish I could get a note

I wish I could get a note like that. But then I read that it's a quote from Buffy. Still... maybe I'll write that note to someone else. Not mentioning it's Buffy.

But really, who writes a note like that without meaning it or without a "jk" if they're joking. Huh. Look into it. I dig.

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we have also forgot to mention-

the "you would look beautiful in any position"

i don't consider beautiful to be a joke word, do you?

arg, this we be a hell of a lot easier, if i didn't love her so much.

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Beautiful is not a joke

Beautiful is not a joke word.

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"you dig?" bitch, i dig.

whats up.
you could either talk to her,
be all up in her cranium and flirt madly into oblivion.
either way works.