Oh the embarassment.

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So i watched Cloverfield last night. it was an interesting movie besides the fact that i got major motion sickness and ended up throwing up 10 mins before it ended. i didnt know that there was a warning bout there being a lot of movement and that you shouldnt watch if you get motion sickness until after i ate. i thought i could handle until they were running a lot, then i couldnt take it and literally ran to the restroom where i...yeah lol.

Sad thing though. is that on my way back to my seat (which was at the top thanks to my dad & cousin) i ended up tripping on the step and almost eating it in front of everyone, but i caught myself and walked up to my seat trying not to look at anyone lol. so embarassing.


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Yeah, I went and saw it last night too....not the best movie to see while feeling a bit hung over. I didn't throw up, but I had to shut my eyes a few times.