on why men find me attractive

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this is gross.

being attractive to men makes me feel gross.

so, this guy, called me. and said that i have a sexy voice. i was like... AWKWARD! and then he said i sounded like a phone sex person... wtf?

who the hell says that?

i want a woman, i want a woman to tell me i'm beautiful. i want someone who sees me inside and outside. i feel almost as if men can't do that.

yes, i know i'm hot.

yes, i know i'm sexy.

and i don't need you to tell me that.

i want a woman, to take that, and what's inside and wrap it into one. one day, my princess will come.


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darling i think many saw that as being kind of vain. i'm sure u'r hot but you shouldn't let ppl know, it only perpetuates the shallow manner with which ppl treat you. on another note, don't you worry if u'r half as hot as you say you are then we have to get you into a club quickly and u'll have sheelas's telling you all sorts of nice things to get into u'r pants, so chin up and worry not my love.
now about this thing with you feeling grose when men think u'r attractive, that's got to stop sweety, take it as a compliment, nothing bad is meant by it, and men are not as all that bad, maybe u just aren't hanging around with the right ppl aiiiight!
ta ta darling

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hi. i like you. let 's be

i like you.
let 's be friends.

'like' not in a creepy way.
just thought you should know.

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it's not meant to

it's not meant to come off as "I AM SO HOT AND SEXY!" it's meant more as i am comfortable with my body, and i don't need a man to valadate that.

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She will!

Your princess will come! Get some pins that say LESBIAN on them, and start perfecting your straight-man glare, just like lots of gay boys do! "Hey, will you blow me?" GLARE. "Hey, you're hot." GLARE. Haha, lots of straight girls must perfect the glare then!

You're Amazing.