she thinks its cute...i was like "uh" lol

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so. my friend and i went to the park today to play ball and for me to go running. it was fun. i actually did some running lol (i'm usually lazy to go) & was okay at shooting hah. afterwards, i ended up...cutting my hair lol. i gave myself some bangs and cut it a lil shorter. aja said that she likes really likes it. i really didn't like it after but i got used to it and i like my bangs hehe. ;p. this is a before picture;


my gay friend took this picture & i loved him for it lol. i'll put up a pic of my new haircut later lol. i gotta go home soon 'cause i'm at aja's house. well. i'll be back later...take cares!!!


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haha cute picture. Gay

haha cute picture. Gay friends are the best photographers.

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