She's backkkkkk.

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So... it had been about a week less then a month and i hadn't talked to Brit and I was finally getting over her. I had a huge crush on her and was the "BEST FRIEND" who she turned to with her problems about her ex gf's and her bf. It was so hard not talking for almost a month but i was getting used to it. I was starting to not need to see her or hear her voice everyday. It stopped hurting everytime i saw her with her new boyfriend.
But then the other day she started to text me and i didn't know what to do.. i couldn't ignore it because that'd be rude and i HATE HATE HATE being rude to friends or old friends or whoever. And then she texted me again and I just argh it's so hard because i'm feeling all these feelings again which i HATE!
Should i just try and leave her out of my life but if so how do i do that without like having a big confrontation or anything?
Or should i just let her back into my life?
I'm so confused.. she confuses me and it's just horrible.. I hate it.