slight respect for theology/religious studies teacher?

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Yeah, so today in my theology/religious studies/narrow-minded-study-of Catholicism class, the subject of the morality of genetic engineering/cloning came up, and my teacher said this:

"What if, say, scientists discovered a gene that made people gay? Would it be natural for them to remove this gene, and replace it with another one? No." He explained that it's unnatural, goes against God's plan, etc.

When asked what the Church thought made people gay, he said "The Church doesn't know (biologically) what causes this choice."

I was starting to respect him more until he said choice, then he fucked it up.

Oh well, at least he didn't go all psycho and shout, "YES! REMOVE THE GAY GENE!!! MAKE ALL OF THE LITTLE BABIES STRAIGHT!"

I've been proud of him lately though, when the topic of family and stuff came up, he said that gay couples can have normal families like straight couples, or they can have dysfunctional families like straight couples.

So yeah, my theology teacher isn't 100% accepting, but not 100% homophobic either. He's a cool dude though. Makes me laugh, keeps me awake during his class.


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Well it sounds like he is a

Well it sounds like he is a pretty accepting guy. He probably is just a little ignorant of the terminology. For instance, before I really knew what gay was, I refered to it as a "choice". Oh how the times change.

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This sounds alot like a

This sounds alot like a topic I started awhile back on pgd. Jorgen Habermas wrote a book on pgd (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis) which I explained in the forum topic. Its a very interesting topic

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Remember me "The i no

Remember me "The i no nothing outside of school girl?" ya well heres me asking "How he frased it was bad because?" i mean if u think about it it is a choice right?in a way.
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