So much better than a cigarette...

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Haha...what is? What else?...weed! But thats in the more drugs for me. i've done the unthinkable and pretty much signed my life away (one more thing to do now)...i done it and joined the air national guard, all thats left is swearing in officially. Why did i want to join? Not because i was so hyped to be controlled under our homophobic president but because i needed the help for paying my college, traveling is now an option, and my father had so much hope in me that i couldnt say no.So thats pretty much whats going on with me besides the lil fact that i had become what is called...a chronic. Yeah. Sadly, i took up doing weed. Damn...addicting drug, but as of today...i have been clean for almost 2 weeks. Doesn't seem that long but it is if you were like me and practically smoking is lol. So how has everyone been? Havent been on in...forever like always haha.Well i'll be back later to catch up. I gotta work at 5 am and its already almost 1 am. I sooo need my sleep. Nite!


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Good for you!! i only smoke

Good for you!!
i only smoke around 3-4 times a month but it must of been really hard giving it up..