The Citadel of Stars and Other Wonders of the Sky

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It is here, inside of me. Illuminating the tangent soul.
It is here, deep within me, giving radiance to flesh and bone.
It is here, screaming from the balconies of the Citadel of Stars

Needing. Praying.

It gives me hope
And meaning.
Like Edison, I marvel at electricity

Light the way. Light the way. Set the torches ablaze
Fire tear away the night. The sky and the cold.
I am the coyote in the stars, the storyteller in the dark, wating to be heard.

Oh! My God, hold up the heavens
Oh! My God, hold me in your arms.
Oh! My God, let me know you. Let me love you. Let you consume me in body and mind.

Here is Wormwood and Gall.
Here is a man found wanting.
Here is a soul found yearning.

Whisper to me the wonders of the sky. Whisper to me the wonders of the light.
Tell me secrets. Make me believe. I need something now
to hold together the vagrant seems. My heart is open. Body willing. Show me anything.



to love you.

to know you.

I am,
I am so many things.

Call me down a star. Oh! call me down a comet,
and I'll ride into oblivion like a warhorse into battle against the darkness.
I am filled with vigor. Oh! My muse, don't leave me, how dreadful it is to be forsaken.

But I am not alone, and I am not broken.
I am mended, fused together with starlight and hope.
I am the rose. I am the rose. I am the rose. Thorns, stem, flower petal, sex love, machine organic automation of flesh and desire.

Veritas. Truth, Oh! My sacred truth.
There are no answers. Only questions. Ask forever. Ask the stars. Ask the stone lions. Ask the mountains. Ask the river.
They know the answer. They are the answer. It is inside of them. It is apart of them.

Just as it is a part.
Of me.
Of you.

Destiny, my love. Fate it is my love.
My love
My love.

Dreamless sleep. Eternity in wating. Oh! Isolt, I am Tristram, where are the white hands?
Where is Authur and his court? The table turned, the knights unbound.
Quest til dusk the Holy Grail.

I am the screaming wind. The shadow of the mountain. The fire inside of man.
I am the vortex that swallows stars. I am the moon barking back to dogs.
I am the dog, hiding in his doghouse. Waiting for God.

Nevermore cried the Raven. Nevermore cried the Raven.
Edgar. I love you. You are not forsaken.
I am man. That is enough. That is enough, to hold together the sky.

Atlas! Don't fail me now.
Ikenbon, ride with me against the wind.
We are the lightning in the cloud.

Oh! I am filled with grace.
Oh! I am filled with life.
Oh! I am filled with hope.