the ex-straight girl who broke my heart

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once upon a time there was a girl.

a straight girl.

she was beautiful, and had me wrapped under a spell with her baby-blue eyes and her loving touches. she and i were very close friends, the "typical girl sleepovers" we had consisted of hours lying on top of each other with her tongue tracing over my fingers, and my hands running up and down her sides.

nothing came of this. no kisses. nothing. it was strange.

so, one day, i pointed out the obvious, that our physical relationship uh, exsisted. she took it as meaning that we were "comfortable together" and nothing more. she saw no potential for something beyond friendship. she didn't understand my tears, and i was crying too hard to explain them.

thus, the beginning of life without straight girl began.

(currently waiting for life with cute not-straight girl to begin... unfortunatly, i haven't found her yet...)


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that's rather sad sweety and you know there's like so many ppl who have fallen into that trap here it's just retarded!!!!!!!!!!!! can sympathize with waiting for life to start too, i'm sure it'll happen soon coz u'r hot right? so chin up soldier!

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thats to bad, sry she didnt

thats to bad, sry she didnt understand, i may soon be going thru the same kinda thing myself little differnt obvously tho because were not great friends and right now were only talking over the net but well c
Come Josephine in my flying machine
Going up she goes up she goes
Balance yourself like a bird on a beam
In the air she goes there she goes
Up, up, a little bit higher
Oh, my, the moon is on fire

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so how is that even remotely the same my sweet martian??? love you long time, call me!