the one who doesn't get it

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I think all my friends know I'm gay. I'm sure even strangers get the hint. But I've got one [we're not super close, just know eachother from school] who has no idea.

The story was probably told before of when me and friendfromschool were talking about this creepy girl who had officially come out as bi. I said "yeah, she gives a bad name to lesbians" and my friend goes "what, are you one?" jokingly. I smile [the mistake was by doing this I made it look like a joke] and say "well.... yeah!"

Her jaw slacks a little bit and I'm still smiling and slightly giggling at her new facial expression, then she says: "Psh, don't do that to me" like I'm kidding! I don't correct her.

Ok, end story one.

Now, for what happened yesterday, the real purpose of this post: C and I were talking about this girl that is so obviously gay but probably won't know it til she's married with kids, because of her friends/family/religion and all that. [Poor girl]. Friendfromschool sees us chatting and cuts in, "what are you guys talking about, I see you pointing." We tell her we think gaygirl is gay and look at her binder, some sporty looking chicks are on it.

Friendfromschool doesn't think she's gay. What does she know, she lives in the straight world and goes to youth groups every Thursday. I tell her, don't doubt my gaydar, for it is fine-tuned, hah.

To all of this she asks me, "See, but do you think people are born gay?" I say, "Of course!" "See, I don't. I think it's kind of... developed, I don't know..."

Me and C freeze and kind of look at her like "I can't believe you just said that, or moreso, who you just said that to." Friendfromschool picked up on our uneasiness and it became awkward. I replied, "Believe me, that's noooott how it works. Don't you think they could help it if they could?" Friendfromschool shrugs and at this point I'm down with the conversation.

Ignorance is a real deal, and I see more and more of it [seemingly] everyday. Like how S's dad thinks I'm turning C gay, and how my mom's friend thinks that once I work past issues with my dad I'll start to like guys again [yeah the fuck right!], and then friendfromschool thinking you're not born that way. She probably thinks it's a "lifestyle" too.

See, but they don't say it because they're against it. [Well, maybe one or two I listed]. They say it because they just don't get it. But still, it's aggravating, and why should gay be any different from straight?


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it sucks that all these people are throwing ignorance at you...

but you shouldn't let it shock or aggravate you.
you know why?
seriously. if there's one thing that you're going to learn in this life, it's that sometimes PEOPLE ARE STUPID.
and there's nothing that you can say or do that will change them.

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Well put
I find you quite amusing, and I’m sure you love me too, But sadly I am Lesbian, Though I’ll pretend for you