the sunshine turned into rain...

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so i just got home from work. gosh. i havent had a bad day at work like today. it was my worst day ever. customers with the worse attitudes. guys who thought they were the shit and tried to show me they were. fucking idiots. one of the new girls was a total pain in everyones ass today. the only good thing today was all the guys i worked with today, i lovee' them so.

& my manager on duty derek who is also gay and the best guy ever! gave me a hug. like out of nowhere he comes in the backroom where i was and goes "i need a hug" and we hugged. he was like "you give good hugs" lol it was a cute moment. i love working with him. he told me later that everyone should get a hug at least once a day and be told i love you. its true. it would be nice, to know that people are there. just thinking about it makes me forget all that the new girl did and not mad anymore. sigh. content now, i can finally fall asleep. night everyone!


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so cute you talked u'rself to sleep! lol i wish i could do that. btw it didn't sound like you had such a bad day at work, hell i'd rather nice coworkers than nice customers....especially if i was a prostitiute.