Things that make me insanely happy.

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I was varnishing in IA, adding extra flare to my project by paper-mache-ing to it classified ads from the newspaper covering the table, and I was feeling sorry for myself. It had been a bad day.

I decided to cheer myself up. I don't do this sort of thing on a regular basis, but I needed something to pass the time until the bell rang and the class ended.

And, thus, I--decisively avoiding the hell out of my surroundings, which had begun to take the tone of a sweatshop--thought about things that made me happy. There's probably more than this. But these stood out.


  • The Llama Song
  • Any given chapter from the hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy. 42!!!!
  • Boy Meets Boy. Seriously. I am floored.
  • Old Frasier episodes. Nothing past season eight. After that, they got pathetic
  • Anything music-wise that's catchy, and bouncy, and French. There's something odd about French music I like. They either say more, or they say the same things in the same amount, but with different phrasing.
  • Being random with random people.
  • Being smart with smart people.
  • Flying in dreams. It feels like breast stroke. Except, last night, when I tried to fly, when I jumped and flapped my arms and whip-kicked, I fell like a stone. Which is a bad omen, whichever way you spin it.
  • Brunches. With eggs. And toast. And sausage. AND it's fun to say. Brunchbrunchbrunchbrunchbrunch....!
  • Rain. The smell of rain. The puddles left behind by rain.
  • Winter skies, as viewed from beside your fireplace


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The varnish fumes done you good!

Haha, fantastic list! Do you think the term breast stroke will generally forever be ironic with any gay male? If not ironic, then just plain funny within the connotations up in there?

Consider distilling varnish fumes for sale to your classmates as an all-purpose item. Use A) Getting high. Use B) Imbibing to become temporarily sick. Use C) Nail polish. Use D) Gag usage (e.g. replacing general pancake syrup...if the varnish isn't entirely clear, haha). Use E) Adding that unbeatable shine to some furniture.

For some reason up until typing the pancake part, I was thinking of varnish as being a lovely syrrupy gold color. Alas, clearness. Have an insanely happy day tomorrow!

You're Amazing.