truth or dare

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I had to drink barbeque sauce mixed with milk [I want to vomit still], lick a cat's tail, and kiss S.

I only kissed S on the cheek because she hasn't been kissed yet. She had to kiss Y but only on the cheek for same reason. I felt bad for announcing said reason; it embarrassed S =[

Licking the cat's tail wasn't bad. Friend V [a close friend of T] stated that I'll do anything to a pussy. Yeah, I'm pretty much out to everyone. Not just because of this night, either. Just, it's a known deal now. I love it.

I have a 6 hour shift tomorrow. Got paid today. Have to think of something nice for C because it was our 6 month on Monday.

All that caca with her when we broke up never really got resolved in my mind, but I love C. I don't know, sometimes I wish I could explore the land of lesbians further, but at the same time, I love C. Besides, C thinks another chick besides me is hot. How cool is that?


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barbeque sauce with milk?!

barbeque sauce with milk?! ack! how did your stomach take it???
Sounds like C's almost totally converted! :P

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Amazingly, I didn't vomit. I

Amazingly, I didn't vomit. I thought it would happen, but I drank orange juice directly after and I think that soothed it. I still felt nasty, but it went away