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Ok so this is a double edged sword sort of deal but here it goes...So after a couple weeks of trying to get scholarships I had one land on my doorstep. I'm an eagle scout in the Boy scouts and they offered me a half tuition scholarship to one of the colleges in my state that has a great teaching program. Well the problem comes in well with the fact that I'm now trying to be open and the Boy scouts has a policy that you can be kicked out for being one of a couple things (Athiest, Anarchististic, or Openly gay) so to put it bluntly being gay = no scholarship. Now I can lie about it and take their money but the problem with that is that I'd be lying about who I am, which I don't care for, and if it was found out during my semester they could just cut my funding, though that seems unlikely they'd go to that effort. Maybe I should just keep looking for scholarships elsewhere, but this is such a great opportunity....ugh

Any ideas for what I can do?


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Honestly, if I was you, I

Honestly, if I was you, I would just take the scholarship, half-tuition is a huge deal. But then again, I think it depends on how willing you would be to compromise yourself. If your afraid to join the LGBT club at that college b/c of this scholarship then you probably shouldn't. I don't think the boy scouts would openly investigate you unless someone saw you at perhaps a gay bar or you were really open about it in front of them.

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Take it

It really is different depending on where you live and who is running your area, but I think it's kind of a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. You can still be part of the LGBT community at your school because they also accept supportive straight people. Besides, as long as you don't mention your sexuality to the scholarship guy, it shouldn't be a problem.

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Usually there's a wide gap between the national policy and what happens on a local level. Do you think your local would pursue anything if they knew?

Beyond that, you are asking a question of integrity, not whether you should try and not be caught or lie about yourself. Do you want money from a group that thinks you are part of what is wrong with society?

Comes down to whether you want the money under those terms first, and whether you can get away with it second. Also, worth looking around online and seeing what has happened in previous cases like this. I think BSA knows it's sort of becoming a bit out of the times here, so do they take the scholarship back entirely? Do you owe them the money already paid in? Or do they just let you keep what you already got from them, but you won't get anymore (usually for you to not go public about it, etc.).

I think the best thing is to weigh its merit to you. Beyond the institutional bigotry, do you feel like being an Eagle Scout has been helpful to you? Has it helped make you part of the person you are today? Do you think younger people would benefit from learning the lessons you did as a member of that group?

If you still believe in the principles of it all, then take their money without lying. There's a wide gap between telling the truth and telling a lie. Never offer it, but never deny it, and let the chips fall where they may based on how your own personal integrity lines up with their policies.


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tell em u'r straight then fuck every guy on campus love!

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take it

the boy scouts are paying for half your tuition? i didn't know they gave scholarships.

it would seem that as long as you didn't come out to any boy scout people, you could be open with others- right?

Also, if you come out after they've given you the scholarship- can they take it away?

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Dude, no way

Hey, you did all the work! Making Eagle Scout is a big deal and you should totally take your reward. Who the hell follows you to college to make sure you're not gay? I should hope the boy scouts have better things to do... I mean, you should be fine. Tons of straight people join LGBT groups at college... come to think of it tons of "straight" people have gay sex at college. Huh. All it comes down to is if they investigate you say you're straight. Who are they to tell us what is gay? We're the authorities and can change our minds if we want right? lol ;)

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