WBC...you're all a bunch of idiots.

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So the WBC (Westboro Baptist Church, you know, the ones who are always spouting "GOD HATES FAGS!" at everything), have this website called godhatesamerica.com and they're all lauding and joyous over how Benazir Bhutto is dead, and how evil she was, and you know...the usual.

"Benazir Bhutto is in hell with her father even now. She was an idolator who worshipped the false gods of Islam, a corrupter of youth and disciple of hell. Islam is a religion of idolatry, born and bred in violence, not the worship of God Almighty, and all those who practice it can expect the same end."

'false gods of Islam'...hmmm...last time I remember, Muslims worship the same god of the Jews and Christians, but know it by a different name.

'...and all those who practice it can expect the same end.'...so now they're no better than the Islamic extremists who call for the execution of Christians.

And of course they threw in some Bible quotes after the rant for effect.

But I think that this was the worst part...

"It is plain to the servants of God, that America is taking a blood bath in Iraq because America is busily persecuting WBC for preaching the Word of God to this evil nation of perverts. God hates America. Her end is near, and approaching fast.

For 16 years we have warned you -- on a daily basis, on the streets of some 460 cities in all 50 states: America needs the message of Westboro Baptist Church -- "God Hates Fags (and ramifications thereof)" -- more than she needs air to breathe, food to eat, and water to drink."

WBC & Pastor Phelps...you're wrong. America does not need you to protest at the funerals of Her fallen, and condemn Her noble defenders to Hell. America does not need you to add more to the bigotry and discrimination that is spread daily across the nation. America does not need you to put words in God's mouth. No Phelps, in my opinion, America needs you to shut the fuck up and move to Iran. You'll be happy-- gays 'don't exist' there. :D


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This makes me laugh. No,

This makes me laugh. No, seriously. I was laughing.

The Big Lesbian Goddes Who Doesn't Really Exists hates evangelists.

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they also run

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omg i totally agree with you...i just did a research paper on hate crimes (that was complete crap btw lol) and i covered them in a section. they piss me off SO freakin much. they need to stop. i swear that when i first realized their existence, i go tso depressed. =/ so yeah, they ARE a bunch of idiots.

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I think it would be a tight race whether WBC or HRC has done more for the cause of gay rights.

HRC mainly preaches to the converted, raises money, gives it to candidates, gets ex-NBA players to talk about how they were OK being closeted and making millions, but just had to come out for their soul once they were retired, etc., etc.

Whereas WBC sets the bar so far off the deep end for most people that people who have been against gay rights don't want to be associated with that crazy side of it. I think they have actually empathized with people more because of WBC's treatment, see how his message is technically what they have said in the past (albeit filtered through a lunatic), and then come around.

Now, if I were donating money, I'd still go HRC over WBC, but there's something to be said for Phelps and his gang of idiot relatives. Sadly, I found out a day too late when he was protesting gay marriage a few blocks from my house, I totally would have gone down for a picture with him. Heh.


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You don't want a picture with Phelps...the man is fugly. :D

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