we broke up

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well, i broke up with her.
she just couldn't give me what i need. a relationship that's not a secret except to a select few people.
she seemed to be okay with it. i just told her we're in 2 completely different places with our sexuality. she didn't get mad. i don't know if she's putting on a really good "i'm fine" face or she doesn't care. maybe she wanted to say the same thing. maybe she knew it was coming.
i feel this crazy sense of liberation, like i can do whatever the hell i want now.
which feels horrible at the same time.

and i like someone else. who is committed. and was grilling me with questions about who i liked. and i wouldn't tell her and it was fun.

flirting with a girl before i broke up with my girlfriend.

i needed to end it. i did.

so why do i keep dwelling on it?


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Doesn't everyone "keep

Doesn't everyone "keep dwelling on it"? Does anyone ever end a relationship without ever looking back? I don't know why you are, but it seems pretty darn normal to me...