What Does the Term Genderqueer Mean to You?

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Hi guys!

I was reading one of my discussion forums on Amazon.com today and someone asked what exactly the term genderqueer means. Now for me, it has always meant more or less the same thing as androgynous, but then I thought about it and figured there must be more to it than that. I mean, if it just means androgynous, then why don't people just say androgynous? So I figured I'd put the fundamental question out there for all of you who identify as trans, genderqueer, genderfucked, or to anyone else who wants to participate in the discussion: What exactly does the term genderqueer mean to you? How does it translate into your everyday life, if it does at all?

Just looking to cross this off of the list of a million and one things I know nothing about.


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Genderqueer, to me, means

Genderqueer, to me, means not identifying with either gender on the westernized binary.
At least, when I bother to categorize myself for someone, that's what I mean.

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I think...

it's one of the entries in my 20 different terms that mean bisexual, just with a lot of gender chatter added in.


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Um white female university

Um white female university student?

If I'm being cynical.

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Genderqueer is to white female college student as bisexual is to middle school girl.

But more seriously, it's just another label. It happens to be a label which concerns itself with ignoring other labels, ostensibly, but really, it's just getting hung up on a term.

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To me Genderqueer (although

To me Genderqueer (although im not) is just likke when i call myself queer i'm attracted to females but i don't necessarily want to go with lesbian because i'm young and what if i fall for a guy.. i don't think it will happen and i'm not attracted to them but anything's possible. So to me genderqueer is just not choosing a gender. Rather then saying im a guy or a girl and then regretting it later genderqueer lets you be whateven whenever so you could be a guy identify as a girl for 30 years then when your 39 say i feel more like a male now...
But that's my opinion.
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to me personally,

to me personally, genderqueer doesn't really have anything to do with personal attraction, it has to do with the person's own view of gender. it's like a step above bi-gender. basically, it's androgyny with a kick, if you get my drift. in other words, "FTW, i'm gonna be both or neither."

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don't know and don't care

i stopped thinking about gender in the middle of last summer cuz it gave me a headache every time i thought about it and how it applied to me which made last year into one massive headache. I just kinda ignore the whole defining yourself with a gender thing and that works fine for me. Does that make me genderqueer or androgenyous or something else? I don't know and I really don't care. It's easiest that way

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genderqueer is to gender as

genderqueer is to gender as pansexual is to sexuality?
maybe not.

It's a term that can describe anyone who feels they are not of the female or male gender, no matter what their outward apperance.

Yes, I am *sometimes* mistaken for a boy, and I do often have the apperance of a tomboy, but wearing girl's flare pants isn't an issue with me. Looking somewhat feminine usually is okay, but I would decribe myself as genderqueer. I don't think I have a gender, or that I fit into the female or male gender.

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Thanks for the feedback. I

Thanks for the feedback. I know, terminology is just a hang-up. One of the best life lessons to learn is to always look at the expiration date on the milk before you buy it. But ANOTHER one of them is to not get too wrapped up in labels. People don't naturally fit into little pigeonholes, and the more they try, the more fucked up they get. So my advice is to just get over it now and avoid all those therapy bills. :)

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Genderqueer kind of accomodates a Kinsey scale of gender. You don't have to be perfectly androgynous to ID as genderqueer; some trans-masculine/trans-feminine people might ID that way. It's an all-encompassing term for those who choose not to call themselves either male or female.

And it is not related to sexual orientation. Gender and sexuality are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.

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(does your thank you comment

(does your thank you comment mean you're done taking feedback?)
(cuz if it doesn't, for ME androgynous is when you are portraying traits that connotate more than one gender- where each trait can be associated with multiple genders- because you are refusing to be classified as this or that gender....

..And genderqueer is where you portray traits of all sorts of genders, where each trait can be associated with one gender OR more than one gender- because you are refusing to buy into the gender-specific connotations they might give.)

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Not at all. I'm interested

Not at all. I'm interested in hearing what everyone has to say.

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i think they should just call the lot of us sexferrets and be done with it, the words are getting way too long

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I like

I like it.

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