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she made me cut myself wit a scissor,knife,needle n razor.she made me have 20 *munch* (india's manufactured) chocolates in two days.she made me have an overdose of painkillers(leading to a 7 hr sleep in broad daylight).
need i say more?
she told me online yesterday : im starting to wonder what SR said was right about you.
SR= mega ultra bitch who HATES with all her heart and wants to steal away my friends by brainwashing them.
seems like she won. i can still hear S's words ringing in my head...why wud she say such a thing?what did i do to deserve this??and everytime i fall into my bed to sleep, i hear her yelling *DONT TOUCH ME*.
she has depressed me.she has sucked life outta me.
she makes me HATE the fact that i love her.
she makes me think twice before i actually start to care about her.
kill me,someone.kill me.


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She didn't make you do

She didn't make you do anything, you did it to yourself. That's the problem.

If a person is able to have such an effect on you that you put yourself in danger, the problem isn't with the person (however big a bitch they might be), it's with you. And if you feel so wretched you're hurting yourself, then the time has come that you need to seek external support. Is there anyone at school or in your family you can go to? Not a friend- someone with the ability to actually do something to help you.

People who make you this unhappy- even if you love them and have known them forever- either have to be cut out of your life or you have to learn to ignore them. If it's impossible to ignore them, then you have to cut contact.

Like, I feel bad for people knocked down by cars but it's difficult to blame the driver when you're having a picnic in the middle of a motorway.

Cutting out toxic friends and taking responsibility for your own mental health and well being is all a part of growing up. Mental health is as important as physical health and you wouldn't blithely put your body under the strain your mind is under at the moment.
So calm down, take responsibility and get help from someone how can help you.

Good luck.

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*sigh* ur such a wonderful

ur such a wonderful and caring person. i just wish things would turn out to be much more easlier ASAP.i do really require help :|