Will you stay, stay until the darkness leaves?

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Yes. You.

Tell me something amazing. The population of a tiny country that I have never heard of, or how you feel in my arms. Tell me all the things I could never guess at by looking in your eyes.

Make me forget that I don't remember the scent of your skin or the color of your eyes. The way we used to laugh away those afternoons when we had the house to ourselves and my toes were freezing against your legs.

Remind me of all the stupid things I have done. The lakes I have jumped into naked, the bushes I have vaulted. The secrets that I have told that were better left unsaid. My love of trashy romance novels that speak of a flavor of love I will never seek. Point out my foolish mistakes, the boys I did not love, but kissed anyways. Remind me of how badly I wish I was her.

Show me what it's like to be consumed by a flame that only burns so brightly at night. Let me into the refuge that I used to seek under your hands. Because I am the shore and the pleasure that you bring crashes like waves that I am only too happy to take a beating from.

Hurt me with all the things you did not say. You say I love you, but we both know, tonight you'll be in her arms and not mine...

Distract me with stories of all the things we'll do when we get to the places that we have never been. Descriptions of far away places and waters that reflect sunlight by mirrors.

Love me.


Yes. You.


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and i, too, know what it's like to be hurt by things left unsaid.

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damn kiddo. *hugs* These

damn kiddo.


These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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WOW!u write amazin!im so

WOW!u write amazin!im so fascinated...i totally connect wit wht u have written...what a wonderful way to jot dwn ur thoughts...