Wishing for somebody to hold...

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...on this cold early morning day!

its currently 3:53 am & i am freezing my ass off, i'm wrapped twice in blankets and literally curled into a ball. i was supposed to be asleep by 12 when i finished my lil "relax" session, but then 1 and 2 o'clock went by in a blink of an eye and here i am cold and tired. i pretty much feel myself dying when i go to work later (got an 8 hr shift i'm not looking forward too). I would just go to sleep now cause my body wants to right now but i told myself i was gonna go running at 5 (crazy ah?) my punishment for not keeping in shape :(.

so idk what i'm gonna do to keep myself up for the next hr cause its fricken cold and i not stepping out of this bed yet lol. Haha well anyone wanna keep me company in bed? Lol!


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ummm, let me think about that...

YES, please. i would love to cuddle with you! sweet :o)
oh, and i must assert the fact that it's a LOT colder here in Canada than it is in Hawaii... i need this snuggly-girly-warmth just as much as you do! ;-P

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Haha well thats probably

Haha well thats probably true lol. I'm just not used to the cold when its our winter. If you share your warmth wit me...i'll share my warmth wit you ;p. "i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"