Blowing CHUNKS!

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Yep that's right all day yesterday i was blowing chunks. I woke up at like 6 yesterday to see if buses were running and they weren't so i went downstairs took some meds (since i have a cold) went to bed.. got up and as i was making my way to the bathroom cuz i could feel chunks coming up i puked all over the carpet and bathroom door... now thanks to me the carpet has a purple stain.. i was drinking a grape juice/cranberry juice before i went to bed and when i took my meds... my mom used like 3 different stain removers and it's still not coming out so she's still trying.
Now i'm doing a littl ebetter. At about 5pm yesterday i finally managed to keep a sip of giner ail down. . I had toast with some peanut butter on it for lunch today... it was yummy since i was hungry and hadn't eaten anything since thursday (half a bagel for breakfast and a hot dog for lunch).
Although i'm done blowing chunks and im not sick other then a cold i got my period this morning so now im all crampy.... Yeh i know this is WAYYY to much info but i figure if Ruby can.... ( I <3 Ruby)
And i still have a cold- sore throat, stuffy nose, cough.
This is my first time online/the computer in almost 48 hours...
I don't know how many of you have cable or what not or if it's the same in the states but theres this one channel (for me number 4) and it just shows commercials for local things on one half and whats on all the other channels on the other half. I literally watched that all day yesterday. I barely changed channels everything was making me sick. Even stupid cartoons made me want to puke but i was bored and i didn't want to just sit around looking at the walls. (Although i did that for quite some time yesterday and today).


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don't do shit coz ruby does, that girl is some kind of freak! (by that i mean she's a cute little kinky jewish sociopath and i just want to put my thumb into her bellybutton).
now about these chunks, were like ice cube chunks or more like rice?? oh oh and u'r diet like totally sux, have chicken soup darling.
love ya, get better my little dykidodo.

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yeah, ur right... i don't think i'm the best role model either!

hahaHA! oh, and if by "thumb" you mean "cock", and by "bellybutton" you mean "pussy"... then by all means, stick it in me!
but if you actually meant thumb and bellybutton literally, that's cool too, you can give my a nice little belly rub cuz i love having my tummy rubbed (just pretend that i'm your little puppy/kitten)... ;-P

to my lil' dykebebe- i would bring you some nice jewish chicken soup, and rub your back, and brush your hair, and bring you a bag incase you start to feel like u need to puke more, and sit with you until u feel better. :-)

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aww *sends some love* but

aww *sends some love* but glad you aren't blowing chunks today. ^^

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