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I finally bought Twilight. I've been wanting to buy it for a while, but I'm kinda lazy and never got around to it. I was two thirds finished with it by the end of the first day and finished it the next. It kinda surprised me cause I don't read a lot anymore and this is the first great book I've read in a while......unless you count the seventh Harry Potter book....but yeah, it was great, I really loved it. I went out to buy the second book yesterday after my soccer game and read most of the day today. Speaking of was fun, in the snow, it was freezing and I was sicker than a dog but I was determined to play even if my parents didn't want me to. My throat was burning so bad I was afraid to talk. was a great game and I had a lot of fun and was anxious to buy New Moon at the local Barnes and Noble. I stayed home sick today, slept in till 9 and then read for a couple hours. I'm about half way through the book, I think I might finish it tonight and watch some movies, I'm planning on staying home tomorrow too =D

I know they're making a movie about Twilight, but does anyone know when it'll be coming out? I'm really excited Kristen Stewart is playing Bella. That's mainly what motivated me to finally go buy it, ha...I stumbled upon and I was like NO WAY! I have to read that! She's one of my favorite actors, she's very pretty =D Panic Room happens to be one of my favorite movies too, even though she's very young in that one. Though I have to admit I've only seen 3 of her movies, but I plan to rent the other ones lol. I'll just add them to my movie list, I'm quite a movie fanatic! Recently I'm quite obsessed with Edward Scissorhands, and after the first day I saw it on TV I went out and bought it the next day and watched it 4 days straight every night before bed. Ha! Yeah, I'm sorta crazy sometimes, but I like to point out that I'm insane, not crazy....especially to anyone who gets it incorrect. But anyways, I like movies and..umm...well tonight I plan to watch the Brother's Grimm which has LENA HEADEY in it! lol.....ever since I watched Imagine Me and You I've been seeing her in a lot of 300 and in that new TV series the Sara Connor Chronicles and I actually didn't know she was in this movie till after I rented it and again I was like NO WAY! haha...sometimes I get so excited about little things, though that just makes it all the better.

Well, now I'm babbling, the A.D.D. usually gets the best of me, so I guess I'll just finish watching American Gladiator and eating candy in my little lonley cave!


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ugh, I hate vampire books.

ugh, I hate vampire books. >.<
haha sorry.

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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lol its cool, everyones

lol its cool, everyones different
this is the first vampire book ive ever read, and its not JUST about vampires....
it's not that bad :P