Chillin at the library...

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I'm not pretending that my ex doesn't exist...I'm pretending that I never loved her. That we weren't as intimate as we were and that we basically never were. Because thats the only way I know how to deal with it. Or else I just won't deal and I'll go crazy.

In other news...

Mmm...Jessica...Jesus that girl is amazing.

We were stealing some time together, and she goes up on her tip toes, says she loves me and then kisses my nose...She's adorable...


Tis love...


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are you dating a child? that's illegal you know?

kidding, omg so cute i love short women they're like cute little cuddly creatures. beware though, and i'm saying this out of a great deal of experience (all the women in my family are very short), the shorter the height, the shorter the fuse, the greater the temper, the more they're violent. keep that in mind baby!
love ya!

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i'm 5 feet tall

and get pissed really easily, ha ha. Only at myself though, it only takes one little mistake to piss me off at myself and then I really blow up. But with other people, then it takes A LOT to get me pissed. glad you found someone you like

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