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Hey everyone! Or at least, those of you who happen to be reading this...

I have a girlfriend now.

Interesting isn't it. Now, you may ask, of what importance is this information? I answer that it is very important. Cause it makes me happy. And it makes Haddie happy. That, of course, is because it IS Haddie, but why nit-pick, eh?

I miss her a lot right now. I'm sure we all have those times that a few days feels longer than they really are, right? Well, it's been only four days since I saw her, and she's been in Las Vegas since then...and I feel like I haven't seen her in WEEKS. X.X

But yeah. That's the way it goes, I guess.

"'Cause our days were numbered
By nights on too many rooftops
They said we're wasting our lives
But oh, at least we know that if we died
We lived with passion
They said we'd burn so bright
We'd burn their city and go."--Cartel, "Burn this City"