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OMG i had an hour and 20 minute convo with my one friend and it was amazing... i haven't felt like this in a LONG time. I had kinda missed out on her life because we both got really busy.. we saw each other every day but didn't talk but then there was this story i had to hear but to hear it i needed to know other stories so we talked for like 45 minutes with her telling me stories and getting me caught up and stufff then we talked about random stuff aka Tamar, Jen, my Co-op, and some other random people. We also talked about both of us having children and how we both really want families and how we don't care about our jobs as long as we have kids and a family.

It was just great.... we need conversations like this all the time... im hoping tomorrow is a snow day so i'll talk to her more but i'm not sure.... i'll see... I just wish we had conversations like this all the time..
I should go to be incase tomorrow is not a snow day.. even if it is i might go in and co-op but who knows. Only time will tell i have so much more to update on but i'm tired.


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^^ I love long phone

^^ I love long phone conversations, especially the catch-up ones. They're so great :D

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