Depressed slightly.

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I'm feeling extremely depressed. As great as this week has been it's also been really crappy.
On monday i started co-op at my old grade school. I'm helping out the music teacher. I do it everyday for about 3 h.ours. And so far I'm loving it because i'm back in a place i loved for 10 years of my life. It protected me and it was the place i went to to get away from home and life and things i just didn't like. A lot of the teachers still know me and it feels great to be seeing them again.
My sister came home on Friday with her boyfriend. They have been dating for a little while now not that long though. He seems like a nice guy. We went to rock and bowl together and then afterwards he bought us frosters at Wendys. He's just a super nice guy and he seems to love my sister and treat her with respect which is more then i can say about all her other boyfriends combined.
While at rock n bowl my sister and i were talking and i found out some stuff about her and it really scares me. When she was in grades 6-9/10 she battled anorexia... it wasn't overally serious but it was an eating disorder which makes it serious. My dad wasn't around enough to notice and my mom was too busy taking care of the house and me and work and everything else to really notice. I noticed and mentioned things but no one picked up on my hints, eventually i gave up. Well now it's not anorexia it's bulemia. It scares me because i'm not around to monitor it at all which sucks. Before i could watch her and make sure nothing to serious came of it but now i can't because she lives 4 hours away but some of her friends up there know so hopefully they can watch her and stuff.
Tonight i went to one of my friend's houses for her b-day party it was kinda fun but really depressing. One of my friends got kicked out about a month ago and although he didn't directly say it but pretty much he got kicked out because he's gay. He said his mother and him had been fighting alot and then there was some stuff... and i did the math and it was basically when he started to come out. But either way he's on student welfare and he has to figure out how to balance the books.. and he's had to grow up so much lately and i just feel bad for him.
Then at the party one of the gus kept crying because his ex was there and he has feelings for her and all this crap.
There's just soo much other shit going on... like those are just two things but still arghhh sometimes i just feel hopeless.