Dun make me hate you...

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did i tell u how much i hate her?
i hate her for understanding,but not doing nethng about it.i hate her taunting me about my self harm("now wht r u gona do?go go,cut urself"),i hate her talking about her boyfrnd all the tym to make me jealous,i hate her being so bitchy and moody with me.
i hate her.
and even though im saying all this,i know shez just doing this to make me get over her.i think it might work.there is only one set back : she is risking our friendship.i wunt be able to be her frnd after its all over.
i dun want to hate her...but why does she act the way she does?i wish it wasnt so comlicated and difficult.all i want is a re assuring hug from her telling me its all okay...
why does she hurt so much?


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You need to play your role in the relationship, not both. You'll never know why she is doing what she's doing or have any control over it, so just play your part, which will make things 50% easier than they are when you try and play both.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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