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Guess what I did today folks!!!


No longer shall I work under an evil corporate regime (I say this now, when I'll be applying to Toys R Us in a few weeks)! In all seriousness, I quit because of the stress, slipping grades in school, increasing pressure to become more involved in the school community, and unethical things going down within the company I (used to) work at. I won't name names, all I can tell you is that I work at a big pharma company that has a bit of a history of doing... bad things. Like making pills that make people worse than they already are, and then covering up clinical trial data related to aforementioned pills. But that's enough about that...

So once I am officially unemployed, I plan to focus on my art more. Like I have 2 blank canvases and some brushes sitting around, and I really want to paint. I have an idea of what I want to paint too, I just need the time. And actual paint, of course. Plus I want to work on my novel. It seems like everyone's writing novels these days, recently I had the inspiration for the first chapter of the novel I've been wanting to write. I'm also gonna take a crapload of photos, I really need to start building my portfolio.

But I don't plan to remain unemployed for long, I need money, you know. Thing is, when I do apply, I want to make sure its for a position with flexible hours. Right now I'm working 5 days a week, 3 to 5:30 PM, no work on weekends. So I get home around 6, you know, if the trains are ON TIME LIKE THEY SHOULD BE *grunt*. Yeah. It's not pretty. What I want now is a job that I can work maybe Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, (Thursday is pushing it, but whatever) and I'd be willing to work full time during the summer and school holidays, like I do now. Weekends are important because it gives me more time during the week do to school activities, which I really need for college.


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Novel writing..

My two pieces of advice:

-- If you don't HAVE TO write a novel, don't.
-- If you aren't writing every single day, it will never happen. It's a process, but without that discipline, there's no chance.

Beyond that, I think it's important to get a job that is in alignment with your morals. I've refused some jobs because of their clients, even when I didn't have the savings account that should have led to me saying things like that. :-)


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Toys R' Us doesn't hire

Toys R' Us doesn't hire under 18, that's the rumor that seems to be holding true.