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So yeah, in other news, I made out with a guy and fondled him for 2+ hours! YES :D

Today I was meeting up with my new friend [that I mentioned in a previous entry] who I shall call 'A'[...because everybody calls their love interests and friends by a letter in their journals :D]. So I went over to A's house, and down to his room (down, he lives in the basement), and we played Wii for a little while. Then we got bored and we started talking about different things, like work and our ex's. Then his mom came home and he left to help her with stuff while I stayed in his room.

Then he came back, and something happened.

We were laying down on his bed [95% of you know where this is going to end up], and I had my hands on my tummy, and I looked over at him, and he looked at me, and he slowly started moving his hand towards mine. I notice this, and I inch my hand towards his until they come together, and our eyes met again, and we kissed. And he ran his hands down my back, and I ran mine through his hair. So we made out off and on for a little while, then he goes to unzip my pants, and I'm like "I can't", and he apologizes. Then we make out more, way more. And he puts his hand down my pants, and I wanted to resist again but then again I didn't...so I let it happen. He jerked me off a little, and kept kissing me. Then he laid me down on my back and got on top of me, and started trailing kisses down my chest down to my pants...and then, he did it. He sucked me off. [lol gasp & dramatic music] And we kissed more, then it was like 4:30 and there was somewhere I was supposed to be, so I told him I had to go, [such awful timing I know] and we made out again. He sneaked me out of his house so his mom wouldn't see, and walked with me a little, then he had to go, so we hugged and he told me he'd talk to me later [which he did, I was a little worried].

You'd think I would be depressed about losing my virginity, but I'm not, I more depressed about something else... I remember wanting to just tell him out loud how beautiful he looked to me every time I looked into his green eyes, and I didn't. I guess he just left me speechless.

I'm hoping we can go out next week. <3


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Sounds like a fine time... and you scoffed at me the day before, when I told you to play safe. :-)

The only missing piece here seems to be reciprocation.

I think you're supposed to be depressed if you can't get rid of your virginity, no?


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wow! what to say, honestly i have nothing to say because my last kiss with anyone was in 3rd grade with my boyfriend. thats all i got so to try and say something here when i am so very me is so very...whats the word. hard whatever. but um (here goes the world wide sayings) hope everything works out, congrats and yadayadayada.
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