food n me

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So im still not feeling well. I'm feeling a little better but not much better. I'm glad cuz i finally got to eat dairy. Up till today i felt gross and sick like i was about to puke anytime i even thought about eating or being near dairy food.
I love dairy. Yes i know for you vegans you don't eat dairy well i do and i fucking love it!!!!! I love cheese and milk and everything like that. My mom brought home a small pizza from Pizza Pizza i ate a piece and it was SOOOO very very yummy.
Although i'm still not eating much and a lot of food still makes me feel gross when i think about it and all food makes me feel gross when i eat it.
Like all i could eat for breakfast this morning was a tiny bite of a bagel and i wanted to die im like ewwwwwwwwwwwww.... i normally love bagels.
And then at lunch i tried eating a salad... and at 2 pieces of lettuce.

Although most people say to like eat soup, toast and crackers before going back to your normal foods but im not a big soup liker or cracker liker. Previous times i've been sick i've gone right back to eating the same foods... not the same amounts but at least the same foods so this is really weird for me i definitaly don't like it.
I think im about ready for bed just have to do some last minute homework before i go to bed.


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Glad you're feeling better!

Glad you're feeling better! I never liked that whole eat wimpy foods when I'm sick thing, either... usually if I can eat, I eat, if I can't, I don't.

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