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Have you ever had that uncontrolable urge to just bash your head against the nearest hard object? Thats how I feel right now...I'm frustrated and exhausted and PMSing and those things do not mix. Ever.

My girlfriend is second guessing everything I tell her. At this point, if she doesn't trust me, she never should have said yes when I asked her out. Fine, whatever, I'm alright with that. But honestly, people change. So. When I say that I smoked ONE ciggaratte and that I won't again, because I know she doesn't like it, I won't do it again. And regardless of whether I was bi or not, losing me was not an option. In case she hadn't realized after all the crap that we have been through together in the last year, I don't exactly have the capability to live without her in my life. I've tried. It sucked. And I'm sorry that it says that I'm bi on myspace. I really don't care. My little sister sees that along with people who don't know about other people being gay and it would cause a lot of grief for innocent people. SO. And about Ky...The guys my friend. Practically my big brother. He beat up the guy that we thought raped me. He has a girlfriend. I have a girlfriend. I promised you faithfulness. I'll die before I mess this up.

Will you ever just loosen your grip and feel? Let this wave carry us out to sea and let it go. Trust me. Against your better judgement if nessacary. Just...please.