gay club and harps

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In my last journal entry I said that I was starting a club for gay students and I was going to make an announcment to the whole school about it; well, that didn't happen. They ran out of time at the assembly which is fine with me because I also had to sing at that same assembly and if i'd had to come out to the whole school and sing in front of the whole school, I would have been a nervous wreck. Instead of making an announcement at assembly, the teacher(s) working on this with me (I'm not sure how many there are now) are going to have the GSA brainstorm ideas about how to get a club exclusivly for queer students started. Much less preasure/responsibility for me which is a VERY good thing as I already have way too much stuff going on right now.

Anyways, I spent most of today with my harp teacher looking at different harps to see which model I want to get. I'm really excited about getting a new harp because this might be the last harp I'll ever get so therefore it'll be the most important and special harp I'll ever get. It's going to be a concert grand so it'll be as big as harps can be so I probably won't need another, unless i decide for some reason that i want another somewhere down the road. Regardless, I'll probably have this harp for the rest of my life. Also with a bigger harp I'll be able to play a lot of stuff that I can't now because my current harp doesn't have enough strings because it's smaller. I've been waiting to be able to reach the pedals on a full size harp for a LOOOOOOOONG time. I tried out a bunch of harps today and here is the link to a picture of the one I think I'll end up getting.

I wanted to get a salzedo harp but it felt bulky and uncomfortable to play so i decided to go with the style 30


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Well sorry about the club but i hope it gets up and running i wish i had one at my school but as far as i no we dont. its to bad.
as for your harp $22,500!!!!thats insane!its beautiful tho and i like the style 30 better anyway not only the darker wood but it looks more eligant (sorry i cant spell) still tho thats very cool.
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hmm good luck with the club.

hmm good luck with the club. Sounds like a minor setback; tell us where things go!

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Harps = <3 And good luck

Harps = <3

And good luck with the club. :D