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i need some help coming out to my famialy
i an a transgender m2f. i have felt like tis since the age of 8 and i an nervious about coming out seen as my parents are both christians and very serious aout it. Does any one have any tips to coming out descreatley?


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Already replied to your journal entry, but coming out discreetly is an oxymoron, especially as transgender. Especially if you plan to, or already are, doing the hormones and plan to do the whole surgical route (as some, but not all, do).

Sort of like if you were gay, no amount of perfect prose or positioning could really dance around them thinking "He's going to let other guys do *that* to him?", even if they never say it.

Discreet is boring anyway, no? What fun is accepting your gender and living your truth if it hinges on everyone else's approval? That's not a way to go through life no matter what the issue is.


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(this is the way almost all

(this is the way almost all my sentences start im an author what can i say?) Have you ever read Luna by Julie Ann Peters? Its all about what your going though, a simply amazing book! It ends well to by the way..well, well by my means, I thought the ending was good. How to? Even after reading that book i cant tell you that. The way i did it was i just got one of my parents alone one day and (nervous as hell i might add) came out with it. That i liked girls plan and simple. Being out is great though although im sorry i have no advise.
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