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And suddenly I feel a new energy surging within that I wish to channel into new beginnings...Today I went from being depressed to proactive in a matter of hours.

We're 1 month into 2008, and I've decided it's high time to write a list of hopes and dreams for this year (you know, considering that I only have 11 months left to actually fulfill them).

And so...

In 2008, I hope to...
...gain some weight, and better my overall health entirely, and get over my eating disorder-like habits.
...complete several projects that I have started/gotten close to starting, but never finished, which include: a novel, 2 paintings, a poem anthology, a podcast, and a photo shoot.
...forge new friendships, strengthen the existing ones, shed the harmful ones. I have bad habits with friends that have become more prevalent in the passing months that I wish to rid myself of.
...read at least half of the books on my reading list.
...score high on the SAT's.
...learn to play some sort of musical instrument, preferably guitar or piano.
...meet the right guy for me.

Again, kinda late considering that it's now February, but who cares? :D


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Pretty ambitious list for an 11 month period, may want to go a bit easier on yourself... thinking primarily of writing a novel, painting, etc.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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it's never too late to set

it's never too late to set goals!sometimes I set goals just for the day, for the week. It just makes me feel better to be focused. Good luck with yours!

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