I am about to cough up a lung

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Or something.
Everyone's sick. Myself included. And I am coughing like crazy.

I watched CATS for the first time since about 5th grade today. It was pretty cool. Only like, 4 of the people didn't do their own singing. I hate it when that happens. But whoever does Jemima is AMAZING! I wish my head voice sounded like that. But it doesn't. So I belt instead.

I like belting.

I really want to see Step Up 2. The first one was really cool. The choreography was fantastic.

There goes the coughing again.

I think I'm going to go get some tea.


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Yea some bugs going

Yea some bugs going around!
hope you feel better soon!

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=( I'm sorry you're sick,

=( I'm sorry you're sick, hon. Though, I've gotta point out that Cats = Webber = sacrilege. But yay for belting. Head voice is overrated!! (Not just because mine sucks... shhhh...)

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